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The Advanced SEO’s Guide to Mobilegeddon

On April 21, Google unveiled its new algorithm for browsing its search-engine with a mobile device. Websites deemed “mobile friendly” will be promoted, while non-mobile friendly sites will lose search engine ranking.

Think of it this way: After the update kicks in, searches on Google from mobile devices will no longer display the most popular, organic results. Instead, the most popular mobile-friendly websites will appear, in ranked order.

Here are the three things to focus on to keep your website ranking high in the mobile search results:

Search Engine Land's Advanced SEO's Guide to Mobilegeddon

Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide

Google has completely rewritten the resource their team of quality raters use to rate websites for Google. While the document is supposed to be a secret, it's already been leaked onto the Internet. Some highlights:

More emphasis on a website's “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.” Lack of any one of these 3 components can give the page a low quality rating. Read More

How Google Knows What Sites You Control [And Why It Matters]

How much does Google know about the sites you own? And can that be used to your advantage, or to hurt you?

Over the past decade Google has spent an incredible amount of energy trying to figure out administrative relationships between websites, both to help you and sometimes to discount links between those sites with potentially negative consequences. Read More

Google Scans Your Email

In case there's anyone who hasn't figured this out on their own, Google has updated their terms of service to make more explicit the fact that it scans Gmail for the purpose of matching email content with ads. Read More