AffiliatePlus TutorialsAffiliatePlus membership includes over one hundred up-to-date video tutorials. Topics include: advertising sources, Facebook, selecting profitable niche markets, list building, business, HTML5, WordPress basics such as creating posts and pages, installing plugins and themes, and using the media manager. You'll also find video tutorials for getting started with affiliate marketing, ClickBank, and Commission Junction.

Over 100 Video Tutorials Are Included with AffiliatePlus Membership

Advertising Sources (6 videos)

Amazon Basics (18 videos)

Business & WordPress Basics (12 videos)

WordPress Volume 1 (16 videos)

CSS3 Tutorials (19 videos)

Facebook (20 videos)

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Customized Game Plan
  • Module 2:Overview
  • Creating Memorable Slogans that Stick
  • Power of Colors
  • Upgrade Your Logos
  • Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics to Vector
  • How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company
  • Module 3: Overview
  • Free Facebook Traffic: Quality over Quantity
  • Demographics and Frame of Mind
  • Find Goups with Active Fans
  • Pinpoint and Recruit Fans
  • Your Fan Page Engagement
  • Outsource and Automate
  • Module 4: Overview
  • Creating Simple Video Intros
  • How to Position Your Brand As Trustworthy thru Educational Videos
  • Boost Your Brand thru Facebook Posts
  • Recap

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing (12 videos)

HTML5 Tutorials (17 videos)

List Building 101 (12 videos)

Rich Niches: How to Choose Profitable Niche Markets (3 videos)