Public and Private Blog

AffliliatePlus membership also includes a public and private blog. The public blog entries can be seen by anyone but the private blog is only available for members. Entries in the AffiliatePlus private blog include news, tips, ideas, and in-depth articles on topics such as the following:

  • How Google Knows What Sites You Control
  • Pinterest Premieres Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins
  • Google+ Tips to Quickly Boost Results
  • What You Need to Know about Facebook Now
  • The Best 2 Locations for Your Key Bullet Points
  • 30 Powerful LinkedIn Tips

If you are a member, you will see public and private blog entries in the Blog category. If you are not a member, you will only see the entries that have been posted in the public blog. The public blog contains examples of the kind of information you will find in the private blog.

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