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  • How Google Knows What Sites You Control
  • Pinterest Premieres Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins
  • Google+ Tips to Quickly Boost Results
  • What You Need to Know about Facebook Now
  • The Best 2 Locations for Your Key Bullet Points
  • 30 Powerful LinkedIn Tips

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6 Steps to SEO Glory through HTML Codes

There is much more than meets the eye in terms of a successful SEO campaign. Even the best CMS will matter little of your coding is not formatted correctly. In many ways, we can look at the proper HTML codes as the “wizard” behind the curtain in terms of ultimate success. Let's look at six tried-and-true tips which will raise your site to the next level.

The Title

What good would it be if you wrote 25 different books and each had the same title? This is the same concept in regards to HTML titles. Take some time and think about how each headline describes what it is that you are offering. If not, there can even be times when Google modifies the text to suit its own needs!

 The Meta Description

This is another area which some developers fail to take seriously. Think of the meta description as a synopsis of your book. Meta descriptions are also great at telling a search engine what your page is about; another crucial area in terms of rankings and exposure.

Header Tags

This is another area which is not often given enough credit. Tags such as <h1>, <h2>, <h3> and so on are able to provide a hierarchical structure to your content. In other words, they tell the reader (and the search engine) which topics are the most important and how each section is related to its counterparts. Thankfully, these are very easy to embed within a text and programs such as WordPress actually REQUIRE such tags in order for an article to pass with flying colors.

Picture Tags

These are sometimes referred to as <alt> tags or <alt> text. The main misconception is that these tags will enable a viewer to understand what a picture may contain if it does not display properly. However, we are overlooking (once again) the power of these tags in terms of rankings. Properly labeled <alt> tags can help to improve the rankings of individual pages. This is because these tags are interpreted by algorithms and enable your images to list within a search (such as a Google image search). So, always remember to add picture tags.

The “Canonical” Factor

This feature is often overlooked, as many do not quite understand what it is. An HTML code which reads : rel=“canonical” is used when there are a number of pages which contain similar content. The first benefit of this addition is that users will be more likely to know which page to click on. However, we once again have to return to the overlords at Google. Duplicate content is heavily penalized. If you do not add in this coding, your rankings will inevitably deflate. Should you feel that numerous pages are very similar, it is a good idea to use this tag.

The <link rel=”stylesheet”> Edge

Many pages contain either JavaScript or CSS coding. Although this is quite common, these very same programs contribute to slower loading times. Google penalizes sites which do not load quickly and users could likewise migrate to other portals. This HTML attribute is able to externalize such coding; only using it when it is necessary. So, your pages will load faster and it is more likely that your visitors will find what it is that they are looking for. This small change can make a big difference.

These six HTML tips should be incorporated into any website. Whether you have just started your own page or you are looking to revamp its entire structure, the results can be truly phenomenal.



Top Trends in Social Media in 2016

Technology and social media seems to come a long way from what it was initially in the 90s. Internet chat rooms and MySpace pages have quickly developed into Facebook messenger and Twitter Profiles.

The last five years have seen rapid developments in the evolution of computers and handheld devices. With these continuous changes in social media portals, certain trends can be expected in the next year.

Here is an insight into the trends that can be expected within the next year when it comes to the advancement of social media.

1. The Big Red Button

Forums such as Facebook and Pinterest have recently begun incorporating purchases into the browsing experience with simple additions such as a “shop now” button or links to where a particular product, can be purchased.

Other media platforms such as Polyvore provide brands with a specialized channel through which products can be displayed and sold. Users now have unlimited options from where a certain “look” can be bought through accompanying links.

2. Social Marketing

Businesses continue to establish a presence for themselves on online social platforms, and establish brand recognition and loyalty through mass marketing.

Applications such as Canva and Brandr are already ahead of the game by conducting extensive research into the effects picture posts and brand-embellished photos to target the customer’s psyche and retention abilities.

3. Fame

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

This was a prediction made by the enigmatic Andy Warhol, and rightly so. Social media operates with the focused goals of exhibitionism and provision of real time updates. Your childhood friend with whom you have no current contact just had a baby? Chances are you’ll probably find out in the next 5 minutes through a text, a status update, or a share. The standards for fame have become blurred as the dividing lines between celebrities and internet personalities become fainter.

4. Strengthening ties

As smartphones and hand-held devices become more and more commonly used, especially among the youth, companies will be likely to take advantage of the choices these devices offer for the purpose of connection with customers.

Businesses, especially those that are already operating on social media, such as Facebook-based businesses, are now sprouting up on messenger apps, for instant access should users desire it.

Furthermore, celebrities, brands, and Internet personalities are progressively creating accounts on predominantly picture-based social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. This works to give customers and fans a visual look at the particular brand offered, as well as quickly connect with the app simultaneously.

As time progresses to see multiple more additions to the usage of internet facilities, it also sees considerable change in social media, as it increasingly becomes a platform on which to display and share information, updates, and even simple incidents such as a word spoken or an act performed. Interconnectivity, it appears, is the future of the current technological world in all its visual and contextual forms.

7 Significant Marketing Trends for This Year

2015 saw some important shifts in how social media marketing can be used by local businesses to promote themselves. These marketing trends include video content, paying for exposure, social shopping, marketing automation, using Facebook as a main platform to get some changes done, searching on platforms to find information and using mobile marketing as a platform to tell businesses how to optimize their sites for the mobile users and more.

To gain more information about social media marketing trends, continue reading here:

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How to Make Money in the “Make Money Online” Niche Even if You’re a Rookie

There are two methods to making money in the “make money online” niche when you’re new, you’re broke and you’re just getting started. The first one is to fake it until you make it. Fake screen shots, fake your income, fake your expertise and hope no one notices. The problem is, someone is guaranteed to notice – you. And who wants to start a business as a faker? Hopefully not you. It doesn’t feel good, for one thing. It probably messes with your head and makes you doubt that you will ever be a REAL success.

Instead, try method #2: Be real. Instead of selling “how I made $100,000 in 2 minutes” type of info, sell tools. Or be an affiliate. Or start a blog and give your opinion. And let others watch as you build your business for real. Read More

This Mistake is Costing You Money RIGHT NOW

Do you have download pages? You know, those pages where people pick up their product after buying it from you?

If so, have you TESTED those download pages? Odds are it never even occurred to you. But why not? You test everything else, so why not test your download pages, too?

“Wait, I don’t sell anything on my download page, so why would I test it?”

Uh-oh, let’s back up.

Any virtual real estate you have – including download pages – can be selling something for you. In fact, download pages can be the PERFECT place for promotion because your customer just made a purchase. This means they’re already in a buying mood. And who buys products? BUYERS do. If you’re not promoting something on your download pages, you are missing out on what might be thousands of dollars of revenue a month, depending on how much traffic those pages get.

So how do you best promote a product on your download page? Forget flashy banners and things that look like ads. Simple is better, which is why adding a link to your list of download links will usually give you the best results. For example, if your down load page has a list of videos, at the end of the list you will place a link in the same font and the same color offering them their customer discount on whatever product you’re promoting.

But don’t take my word for it – test it out for yourself.

When they click this link they are lead to a slightly altered version of your regular sales page. At the top of the page is a line or two letting them know that because of their purchase, they are entitled to a special discount on this product today.

Of course, you’ll want to remember to give them that discount, too.

So what should you test on your download page? The links you use, the placement of links and the pages you send them to. Remember to promote a product that is in some way directly related to the one they bought for best results.

Making this one simple change can potentially add thousands of dollars to your bottom line each and every year. Now that’s a great return on the investment of your time.

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The Advanced SEO’s Guide to Mobilegeddon

On April 21, Google unveiled its new algorithm for browsing its search-engine with a mobile device. Websites deemed “mobile friendly” will be promoted, while non-mobile friendly sites will lose search engine ranking.

Think of it this way: After the update kicks in, searches on Google from mobile devices will no longer display the most popular, organic results. Instead, the most popular mobile-friendly websites will appear, in ranked order.

Here are the three things to focus on to keep your website ranking high in the mobile search results:

Search Engine Land's Advanced SEO's Guide to Mobilegeddon

How to Build Nearly Perfect Marketing Emails

Is there a trick to writing marketing emails that get the click? Actually, there are 20 tricks, and here they are: Read More

5 Simple Hacks for Making Your Facebook Ads Pay Off Now

As brand advertising gets more crowded and more competitive on Facebook, you've got to keep up with the times or face getting left behind. That's why we've compiled this short, yet super effective list of Facebook advertising techniques that are fairly simple to employ and can pay off in a big way. Read More

How to Be a Blogger People Pay Attention to

Want to know what your problem is?

You're not living up to your potential as a blogger. And there's a direct correlation between blogging and money, because the companies and the marketers who are the best at blogging are quite often the same companies and marketers who are making the most money.

So... how to you get great at blogging? How do you capture people's attention without being obnoxious?

By using this 3 step formula:

First – Engage and build relationships with other bloggers. This might be sharing other blogger's posts, leaving comments and so forth. The more you do this, the more attention these bloggers will pay to you. Read More