How to Be a Blogger People Pay Attention to

Want to know what your problem is?

You're not living up to your potential as a blogger. And there's a direct correlation between blogging and money, because the companies and the marketers who are the best at blogging are quite often the same companies and marketers who are making the most money.

So... how to you get great at blogging? How do you capture people's attention without being obnoxious?

By using this 3 step formula:

First – Engage and build relationships with other bloggers. This might be sharing other blogger's posts, leaving comments and so forth. The more you do this, the more attention these bloggers will pay to you.

Second – Leverage those blogging relationships by mentioning them in your posts, linking to posts they write, and let them KNOW you mentioned them. Presumably their audiences are bigger than yours, and these two steps can get them promoting your posts for you.

Third – Do you own promotion. Actively promote your stuff to your list and through social media.

Those are the 3 steps, but there are plenty of tips to add to the mix. For example:

Tip #1: Create a Pillar Post – this is the long, well researched post you can hang your hat and your reputation on. It might be a “how to” post or a “list” post, such as, “7 Ways to ___”

Tip #2: Go above and beyond and stand out from the crowd. Sounds good, but what does it really mean? It means revealing everything they need to create a certain result they're looking for, and even including a detailed tutorial that leaves nothing out.

Tip #3: Comment. A lot. Leave thoughtful comments on other blogs, and reply to other people's comments on your own blog. In other words, engage, engage, engage. You might ask questions, mention exactly what you agree with or don't agree with, and explain how a post or comment helped you.

Tip #4: Be transparent. Be open about your life, the challenges you've faced, your personal stories and so forth. It's okay to admit you're not perfect, that you've had failures and that you've overcome adversity. In fact, people love knowing you are in fact a REAL person just like them.

Is it worth the time and effort? Bottom line, YES. People at the top of ANY profession work harder to get to the top and to stay there. And blogging is no different.

Want to know more? You can read Andrew M. Warner's post here:

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