Help! I Can’t Get Started!

For some of us the hard part is in finishing what we start, and for others it's in starting what we want to finish. If you fall into the second category, this is for you.

Now then, you know what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. But for some odd reason you're finding every excuse not to get started. What's the problem? If this is a pattern with you, and you find that once you get started you have no problem continuing on, then the solution is a simple one.

The reason you're not starting is because you have some sort of anxiety or fear about the project. Maybe you secretly think you're not up to the task, or you can't meet the expectations of your customers or clients. No matter.

What you're going to do is to start it badly. That is, you're not going to worry or even think about quality – you're simply going to make a lousy start, no matter what that might look like.

For example, if the project you're putting off is writing an article, you're going to sit down and begin writing the worst article you can possibly write. Make it a game to see just how bad you really are.

An example: You need to write an article (or a blogpost, a report, and ebook, whatever) on driving traffic. You've been putting this off for days now, and you just can't seem to get started. Open your word program, and write anything. I mean ANYTHING that comes to mind about traffic. For example:

“Driving traffic is a pain in the other end and I don't even want to write this stupid article because I don't feel like I know enough but what I do know is that when I wrote that 20 page report and then paid affiliates 100% commissions I got all kinds of new list subscribers and then I sent them emails and they came to my website and not only did I get traffic but I got more sales and some of them even linked back to my website and others became affiliates which snowballed the whole effort.”

Do you see what just happened? I really did start out to write a bad article, yet within the third line I began imparting good information that someone could not only use, but would probably thank me for if they didn't already know it. Yes, it needs rewriting, but what I've done here is I've STARTED THE PROJECT which was the hurdle I needed to get over.

Do you see how incredibly EASY this technique is? If you're procrastinating about building your website, start out to build the ugliest website in the world. If you're putting off making a video, start the camera right now and just begin talking. You get the picture. Worry about getting it right after you start, and you'll find you no longer put off beginning those tasks you need to get done.

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