Salespage Graphics Warning!

I'm sure you have seen lots of salespages that are crammed with graphics and contain very little real text. They look great, right? Yep. But there is one major problem with salespages that are so graphics intensive -- they don't contain any real text. So? Search engines love real text. Since the only things a search engine can index for a graphic is the filename and alt tag, they can't easily use images to help rank a page. Images are at the bottom of standard searches. That means that search engines can't see your sales copy in an image. It is really simple.

No Text -- No Ranking

That's right. Search engines rely heavily on the text in your pages to determine how to rank the page. If the pages contains only graphics, the page can't rank.

If the salespage is only targeting your mailing list, you might not care but, if you want your salespage to be indexed by search engines so that it can be found in search results, you should use real text as much as possible. You also need to ensure that you have a clear hierarchy of information in the sales copy. That means you need to use headings, subheads, and paragraphs to have the search engine know how to rank your page. To make your text look good, use CSS3 to style the salespage.

As a member of AffiliatePlus, you have access to the Graphics Blackbox. Use these graphics wisely and don't try to build pages that are mostly graphics. They may look great but they may not provide the results you want in the long run. AffiliatePlus members also have access to tutorials for HTML5 and CSS3. These tutorials will help you to use real text appropriately.

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