Avoid Thin Content

Google has made it really clear that they actively give thin affiliates low ranking and consider the sites spam. It is possible for Google to even remove a thin affiliate from their index -- that's not just a slap, that's a KO.

Avoiding a Google Slap

As an affiliate marketer, the temptation is really great to use plugins that suck up the description and features for products from a vendor's site. After all, most of us have lots of sites and are constantly adding more sites. Basically, we get into the mode of pumping out sites. Who has the time to write articles or reviews for everything in our sites? Unfortunately, the answer to that must be, "all of us." We have to make the time to add original content to our sites. And we shouldn't just spin the content. Spinning software is great but it doesn't add value. Use the spun content as inspiration to add more. The same goes for PLR articles. Don't just publish them as is. Always add something unique to the article and reword it.

What Google Has to Say about Thin Content

Watch the following video to get Google's take on thin content and thin affiliates.

Bottom Line

If you want to avoid a Google slap, be sure to add original, valuable content, to your site rather than just automatically generating duplicate content.

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