Blog Package 1

Each WordPress blog contains royalty free content and is ready to be installed.

Blog Package 1

  • Clickbank Blog (demo)
  • Cooking for Fitness Blog (demo)
  • Hypnosis Blog (demo)
  • Internet Marketing Blog (demo)
  • List Building Blog (demo)
  • Lottery Winning Secrets Blog (demo)
  • Mobile Marketing Blog (demo)
  • Achieving Self Success Blog (demo)
  • SEO Software Blog (demo)
  • Video Marketing Blog (demo)

These blogs come with personal rights.

You may sell the blog(s) on Flippa only if you change the content which includes changing the images in the slider and at least 50% of the content. For example, you can completely change the articles or rewrite them so they are at least 50% unique.

** Here are your rights summarized **

[YES] Can be used on your own personal domains.
[YES] Can sell on Flippa only if you change the images in the slider (at least) and change the articles entirely or at least rewrite the articles so they are 50% unique or better.
[YES] Can sell or give away the articles.
[NO] Can give away the blogs for free.
[NO] Can add to paid memberships.

These niche blogs are included with Levels 3 and 4 membership. Level 1 and 2 members may purchase these blog packages using their discount code and non-members may purchase the blog packages at full price.
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