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Super Styles Plugin

Finally, someone has created an easy-to-use plugin that makes adding professional touches to your WordPress site a breeze.

With Super Styles, you can:

  • Jazz up lists with checks, arrows, X marks and more.
  • Incorporate attention grabbing text boxes to help your readers find the most important information quickly.
  • Create beautifully styled testimonials.
  • And best of all, it does all this with the addition of a single button on your site’s editing screen. Here’s how it works.

Super Styles is easily installed in your WordPress site by uploading the file via your plugins page. Once it’s uploaded, simply activate it, and it’s ready to use. No complicated setup, no hard-to-understand user guide, no editing code or even looking at the HTML when you’re creating a page. Super Styles does all the work for you, so you can concentrate on writing compelling content.

To use Super Styles, simply highlight the text you want to style, click the Super Styles button, and choose from a wide variety of options available. You can:

  • Add checkmarks to your lists to let readers know exactly what’s included in your offer.
  • Build a list of dangers or warnings with helpful Xs to alert readers to a problem.
  • Easily add customer testimonials – including photos – to your sales pages.
  • Create text boxes to highlight bonuses, guarantees, and refund policies.
  • Add eye-catching buy buttons with custom call-to-action text.

You’d spend hours trying to add these elements on your own, fiddling with the proper alignment, getting the text to wrap around photos properly – and that’s if you had the skills to create the graphics. If you’re not a Photoshop genius, you’ll have to hire someone – and that adds up to more waiting and more expense.

Creating professional-looking sales and squeeze pages shouldn’t be that hard. And now it doesn’t have to be. Super Styles plugin for WordPress has everything you need to easily create customized pages, including:

  • 13 testimonial box styles
  • Easy copy/paste photo insertion – including perfect alignment every time!
  • 13 button styles with customizable text and links
  • 9 Icons for use with buttons
  • 10 list styles
  • 5 text box colors
  • 9 icons to draw the eye and highlight important information

No Photoshop Skills Required!

View the Super Styles Demo Site...

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