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SimpleAzon Plugin

SimpleAzon has been designed and developed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress and to simplify and streamline the creation of Amazon affiliate links. The traditional method of creating the Amazon links was cumbersome and time consuming, just to create one simple link, the steps are:

  • Surf to
  • Log in to your account
  • Search and find a product
  • Grab the link
  • Decide on your link type
  • Choose the anchor text that you want to use
  • Copy the HTML coding
  • Paste the code into your text

With the advent of SimpleAzon, it is now a snap to post high yield affiliate links through your WordPress blog site. SimpleAzon allows you to access features which save you time which you in turn can convert into money. The key features of SimpleAzon are:

  • Create affiliate links in a matter of seconds, not minutes
  • Allows for text or image links as well as product information blocks
  • Modified affiliate links depending on which country your visitor is from
  • Simple to use, no experience required

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SimpleAzon has just recently been released but the reviews that are piling up all rave about the performance and how well the plugin works, inserting links has now become effortless thanks to this. The plugin places a search box in WordPress that allows you to search Amazon by either keyword or the item code. You are then offered three options, you can insert text only link, an image link or an information block which allows for customized text, an image, the price and a “Buy” button.

By recognizing that the internet allows anyone to visit your web site regardless of where they live, SimpleAzon takes into account that Amazon has sister sites in numerous countries and that your visitors may wish to shop in their home market and not yours. The plugin gives the flexibility to insert your information directly into the settings which in turn automatically converts your links for visitors from out of country. This feature should have a significant impact on your conversions.

If your blog uses outsourced writers you no longer have to provide them with your Amazon login details. This means that your earnings are kept as privileged information and your Amazon account remains secure and under your exclusive control. The contractors or contributors to your blog simply use the search function which is now imbedded into WordPress to add products without having to leave the site; surfing to Amazon is a thing of the past.

Most Amazon affiliates have multiple blogs, making maintenance a very time consuming process. SimpleAzon removes this barrier, allowing you to build additional niche sites if you desire. Now that it’s possible to create links in seconds and take full advantage of international traffic to your sites, you can focus more on developing traffic and not waste valuable marketing time by continuing with the cumbersome manual method of posting your links.

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